Tips to stay on track with your health goals in 2017

Do you have health goals for the New Year? If so, congratulations! You are taking positive steps to improve your life. It is easy to feel motivation when setting goals but following through sometimes proves to be a struggle. We have tips to help you stay on track with your 2017 health aspirations:   Use […]

Keep Your Blood Flowing This Winter With These Five Activities

When the temperature drops to what feels like arctic conditions, it is hard to stay motivated. You know that staying sedentary has a negative effect on your body, so how do you stay active when the snow falls? We have a few ideas to keep you moving: Keep walking If you have been following our […]

Holiday Tips and Substitutions to Promote Heart Health

The holidays are filled with family, friends and, of course – great food! This year, be mindful of what you put on your plate. Though the comfort food of the holiday season satisfies our bellies, sometimes it can take a toll on our hearts and arteries. We have a few tips and substitutions to promote […]

Benefits to Walking in a 5k Plus Training Tips

The weather is cooling down and it is the perfect time to spend time outside before winter takes over. If you’re thinking about walking a 5K, congratulations! You are going to improve your health while training and participating in a three-mile walk. As we stated in our previous blog about walking trails around Michigan, walking […]

5 Simple Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

Getting blood flow back from the legs is an issue because it has to work against gravity. Pumping the blood “uphill” can be particularly difficult.   When you walk, your foot and leg muscles contract and relax to pump blood back up your legs to your heart. When the leg muscles contract, blood is pumped […]